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OG MeasuementFG measurementWater is 1.000A hydrometer is a device the measures the density or specific gravity of a liquid. Hydrometers are calibrated based upon the specific gravity of water at 60F being 1.000. Liquids denser than water will have a higher specific gravity, while liquids less dense will have a lower specific gravity.

To use a hydrometer, fill the test jar with the liquid to be measured. Place the hydrometer in the jar, giving it a quick twirl to dislodge any air bubbles. Once the hydrometer has settled, take the measurement reading from the scale on the side. Note: In order for the measurement to be accurate, the sampled liquid must also be at 60F. If the liquid is not at 60F, then the measurement must be adjusted. (See JAVA specific gravity correction program below.)

As an example, at the far left we have a photo of a sample of wort being measured. In this case the brewer is measuring the Original Gravity of a beer. The reading here is about 1.055. In the middle photo, the brewer is measuring the Final Gravity of a beer. In this case the reading is approximately 1.010. From these two measurements we can calculate the beer's alcohol percentage. (Try it using the JAVA Beer Calculator by choosing "Beer Math" from the "Brewery Navigator" below!) Lastly, to show that our measurements are accurate, we have a photo of water being measured to have a specific gravity of 1.000
To use the JAVA Specific Gravity Correction Program:Your browser does not support JAVA!
-Enter the sampled beer's specific gravity in the appropriate edit box.
-Enter the temperature in F of the sampled beer.
-Click on the "Calculate" Button.
-Your beer's corrected specific gravity will be displayed in the appropriate box.

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