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Airlocks are used on fermenter to allow carbon dioxide produced by the active yeast to escape without allowing potentially infectious bacteria and wild yeast into the fermenter. Airlocks usually sell for about $1 a piece. In addition to the airlock, you'll need a rubber stopper, shown on the bottom of each airlock, to fit the size of the hole cut from the top of your fermenter. Rubber stoppers sell for under $1 each.

The Fermometer sticks to the side of your fermenter and allows you to monitor the temperature of the fermenter. As can be seen from the photo, recommended temperature ranges for Lager and Ale fermentations are noted on the Fermometer. The Fermometer sell for about $3.95 each and is recommended by Lee's Brewery.

Plastic SpigotSteel SpigotSpigots or taps can be mounted on plastic or metal fermenters to eliminate the need for siphoning beer from the fermenter. The plastic tap on the left is inexpensive ($3-$4) and is suitable for use on plastic fermenters. Note: Plastic taps should not be used with hot or boiling water. The metal tap on the right is an Italian model that sells for about $20 and is great for metal fermenters or brew pots.
Carboy Stand


The carboy stand on the left is great for holding an inverted carboy while it is drying. This carboy stand was originally part of a Fermentap setup. Lee's Brewery did not obtain successful results from the Fermentap, so it is now relegated to it's current sole duty of a carboy stand.



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