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A wort chiller is used to cool boiling wort to approximately 70 Fahrenheit before pitching the yeast. The wort chiller shown in the below left hand photo consists of 25 feet of copper tubing wound into a coil. A garden hose attached to both ends of the coil allows cold water to be run through the tubing, thus cooling the surrounding wort. The below right photo shows a 5 gallon batch of wort in the process of being cooled out on the brewery patio. This type of chiller, known as an immersion chiller, cools a 5 gallon batch from boiling down to 70F in about 30 minutes. It is important to "stretch out" the copper coil as show below instead of using it in the compacted form it was purchased in. This will make the cooling process much more efficient. Remember, the cooled wort will sink to the bottom. If all the chiller's coils are concentrated on the bottom, the top portion of the wort will not be cooled effectively. Again, once the wort has been adequately cooled, yeast is stirred in to start the fermentation process.

Chiller PhotoChillin' on the patio.

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