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5 Gallon All Grain Recipe:

Grain Hops Additives Yeast
6.5# English pale malt 1.6 oz Hallertau (45 Min) 1 Tbl Yeast Nutrient (15 Min) Wyeast #1338, European Ale
1# Wheat malt .7 oz. Hallertau Goldings (15 Min) 1/2 tsp. Irish Moss (10 Min)  
6 oz CaraMunich malt      
6 oz Wheat      
1 oz Black patent malt      


Add crushed grains to 3.5 gallons of water heated to 130 F, stirring constantly. Let rest for 30 minutes. Heat mash to 155F, stirring constantly. Let rest for 60 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Heat mash to 175F, stirring constantly. Sparge until 6 gallons of wort have been collected. Boil wort for 1 hour, adding first part of Hallertau hop pellets 15 minutes into boil and the rest 45 minutes into the boil. Add yeast nutrient 45 minutes in to the boil, the Irish moss 50 minutes in to the boil. Cool wort to approximately 70-75F and pitch 1 pint of yeast starter. Ferment in primary for 4-7 days, secondary 7-10 days. Original Gravity 1.041 - al Final Gravity 1.010. Percent Alcohol 4. Prime with 1 cup of light dry malt before bottling.


Tasty, complex beer. Undercarbonated.

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